Thursday, 17 December 2009

A visit to Naked Boss....

Yesterday I drove down to see Naked Boss, after I had dropped Eldest Son at school. He lives in a fairly remote farm house with his wife and two children, at the end of a long and bumpy track cut through the middle of a sheep field, which becomes completely impassable without a four wheel drive as soon as the ground freezes, and is dotted all along with farm gates. The condition of this road is such that it not only knackers your suspension, but could probably also be used as an induction method for the heavily pregnant and desperate. I am not a country girl. I don't like sheep. And farm gate etiquette is still a complete mystery to me, despite having lived here for over five years. I mean do you leave the gate open if you found it open or must you always shut it? And yes, I know that's only two options, but no-one has yet been able to give me a definitive answer. The sheep that reside in Naked Boss' field eye me warily, presumably recognising me to be the deranged woman who curses loudly at farm gates.

Naked Boss' office is essentially a glorified shed in his garden, with two computers and a wood-burning stove. And yesterday as I approached said shed, I saw that mercifully, he had his clothes on.

Perhaps some clarification is necessary here. My boss likes to work naked. I have made it clear that I would prefer him not to when I'm working with him, so far so good, but I live in dread of the possibility of turning up one day and accidentally stumbling upon him, only to be traumatized for life. I suppose if I had any sort of inclination to quiz him on the subject, his line would be that society has a deeply unhealthy attitude to nudity, that it can be non-sexual, and why is everyone so uptight anyway? Which I could possibly accept coming from someone else. But not from a man who tells me he hopes I'm looking this slinky when I come into work next week...

Oh yes. Decades of feminism. An increasingly litigious society. Movement towards more equality in the workplace. It's all passed Naked Boss by.

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