Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Mobile Sagas...

Mr D doesn't have a working mobile phone. This is because every time he gets a new phone that works, he drops it in a puddle. He is a middle aged man who routinely drops essential items in puddles.

I try not to get annoyed.

Every time I need to communicate with him in order to make arrangements for Eldest Son, I have to ring his partners mobile phone. Occasionally she will say:
'Oh, he's got a new phone now, didn't he tell you?'
'Umm.. no'.
'I'll give you the number'.

I will then try repeatedly to contact him on the new number, rarely to any avail. So, feeling slightly awkward, I ring his partner again...
'Still can't get hold of him? Hmm that's odd', she'll say. 'I'll give him a shout for you':
'Hey! Mr D! Gappy's been trying to get hold of you all afternoon. Where's your phone?'

To which inevitably there'll be a muffled shout in the background:
'Think I must have dropped it'

And so on. Ad infinitum.

Like I say, I try not to get annoyed.

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  1. hey there! just dropping by to read a few posts. love the blog.

    to answer your question: canada's provinces are largely left to make decisions about health care issues (other than the money allotted to them by the federal government), so the answer really depends on which province you're in. my province, ontario, does allow home birth and midwives who practice in ontario must be able to assist births both at home and in the hospital. so, yes, i *have* to attend home births in order to be qualified as a midwife in this province. not so for some of the other provinces (in fact, there are some in which midwifery is still illegal, as it was in Ontario until 16 years ago)...

    thanks for dropping by!