Friday, 7 May 2010

I'll Think About it Tomorrow, I've Had Enough of Today

I am so tired today.

We all had to get up earlier than usual because the boys had a school trip and the bus was leaving at 8.30 am. So the day started with us all bleary eyed but having to hurry in order to ensure that packed lunches were made and that the right uniform, footwear and weather appropriate outerwear were found and matched to the correct bodies before 8.15. Then five minutes before we were due to leave the house, the youngest decided to have a (thankfully rare) tantrum and refuse to put on her jumper, raincoat or shoes. I know the accepted thinking is that it's best to ignore tantrums - it is sound advice too in my opinion - but what do you do when you can't ignore it because whatever it is your child is kicking and screaming about actually has to happen now? I tried to jolly her along, I tried cajoling, pleading, I even tried bribery, and in the end I shouted at her. She is three. There is nothing quite like shouting at a three year old to make you feel extra specially good about yourself you know?

I then spent the majority of my mornings free time manically cleaning the house because I was expecting a friend for lunch who then didn't turn up, or bother to phone to say that she wasn't coming.

Then at 12.00 I picked the youngest up from nursery, came home and spent the first bit of the afternoon trying to persuade her to eat her lunch (she refused point blank) and then the rest of it attempting to simultaneously entertain her, which involved singing her favourite song 'Rudolph the red nosed reindeer' about three million times in a row - and yes I do know it's bloody May - and attempting to keep myself abreast of what was going on in terms of the hung parliament we now find ourselves landed with. Personally I am anxious about the prospect of a conservative government in these tough times we are facing. Tax cuts for the rich to accompany massive cuts in public spending? Surely they can't be serious.

We then went to pick up the boys from school. The bus that was bringing them back from their trip arrived and all the children disembarked sporting bright blue painted faces and rather realistic looking toy spears. They seemed as though they had had a fine old time although of course within half an hour of arriving home, the blue face paint had migrated all over the sofa, and my eldest and middle sons were making serious attempts to decapitate one another with their new novelty weaponry.

Eldest son had also managed to persuade me to let his friend come round for a sleepover so I have had four children to feed and water this evening, which would be neither here nor there I suppose were it not for my own childrens endless, endless requests for drinks and snacks and updated information about exactly when dinner will be ready. Between them they form quite a sophisticated tag team - taking it in turns to find that perfect moment in which I have just sat down in order to call out, 'Muuuuuum can I have a drink?' Or, 'Muuuuuum, tell so and so to stop annoying me.' Or my particular favourite which is, 'Oh Muuuuuum, not (whatever it is I'm cooking) for dinner.'

It is nearly 10.00 and my eldest and his friend are still up. My kitchen - which was perfectly clean this morning - looks like a smart bomb has been dropped on it. Dirty plates, cooking vessels, and cutlery all vie for space on my spill-ridden kitchen counters. I know the children will want pancakes for breakfast tomorrow and so really I should clean the kitchen tonight in order to be able to cook in the morning.

But I'm too tired. I've had enough. I'm done for today.

So sod it. I'll think about it tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a good idea. I too resorted to shouting at the 3 year old this morning, he has been in a controlling mood all day. I have an extra body on a Friday and it is always a challenge, espically today with a 3 year old curly haired terrorist and a 5 year old with a temperature.

  2. I think this post is your epitome post. Single mum Gappy working hard and showing she's doing a great job, even while exhausted!

  3. Ugh! The cumulative effect!

    Hope tomorrow is an easy one. And yes the constant queries re dinner and complaints about dinner and yet more questions about dinner is tiring indeed.

  4. "There is nothing quite like shouting at a three year old to make you feel extra specially good about yourself you know?" I do know. I was there last week desperately trying to get my 2 and a half year old ready for a doctor's appointment. I shouted too in the end and felt shit about it for days afterwards. Next time I shall let him go without his coat on but take it with us. There's a lot to be said for picking your battles.

  5. Oh lovely, that is the crappest of days. Hope today is better, sometimes the relentlessness of motherhood is just too much to bear. Virtual hugs, chocolate and wine winging their way to you

    MD xxx

  6. Sounds like you had an awful day. How good of you to say yes to a sleepover when you've got so much on already! (I always want to say no...) I hope they all behave like angels today! Don't worry about Rudolf - my son's favorite song is Jingle Bells and he likes nothing better than bursting out loud with it when everyone else is quiet...

  7. Whew. You had quite a day. Our kids provide us with the best of times as well as the worst of times. I hope you get some good sleep and enjoy your day tomorrow.

  8. That sounds so exhausting. And you are so marvellous to your kids even when you're tired (pancakes indeed!) that a little bit of shouting is unlikely to be remembered by any of them in the overwhelmingly positive mix. Besides which, I think it's a function of being three to make one's mother yell.

  9. I think there must be a scientific formula which means the scale of a toddler tantrum when leaving the house = the parent's need to get out the door x the nearness to the time that you must get out the door. It's proven regularly in our house.

  10. I think days like this are what they invented wine for - not of course that I am a dypsomaniac after bedtime but I guess pretty close!