Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Bad Mummy Moments Carnival Goes Live!

So here we are! I am quite excited to be finally presenting the Bad Mummy Moments Carnival in all its (gory) glory. A huge thank you to everyone who has participated and submitted a post - it's been so enjoyable reading them all and I have also managed to discover some really fantastic new blogs in the process. Sooo without further ado, I reckon we'll start.

First up we have How to be a consistent single parent or not by Slummy Single Mummy. I loved this post. It was really funny but it also touched on stuff that I think a lot of parents sometimes worry about. After all is it really possible for anybody to ever be 100% consistent?

Next is Notes From Home with Coping with four children under six. I have to say that although parts of this post made me laugh out loud (fake poo is always going to be a winner for me) I actually felt like lying down in a darkened room after reading it. This is one brave woman.

Then we've got Travels With my Nine Year Old and her post, Age Appropriate Reading. MummyT tells her 'cringy conversation with your child' story with style and aplomb.

Next up we have Bloggertropolis and his post Dropping the Baby. I think almost every parent can tell a similar story to this one. I've certainly experienced one or two of those heart in the mouth moments with my children and can remember feeling sick for the rest of the day. Horrible.

Notes From Lapland is next with her hilarious post I am a Stick. I could completely relate to this one too. In fact I would go so far as to say that I am the master of having entire conversations with my children while nine tenths of my brain is actually focused on something else entirely.

Next is New Mummy with her post which is actually called Bad Mummy Moment. It is a good example of how we can let a genuinely innocent mistake make us feel unnecessarily guilty, even when we know logically that it isn't our fault.

Then we have The Babbling Mummy and her post (which also made me laugh out loud) Mummy I'm Thirsty. If you fancy a giggle and you have a strong stomach, then this is the post for you.

I remembered this post by It's a Small World After All from when it was first published. I loved it then and I love it now. I just think her children sound so ace. Click here for On Mice Ice-rinks and Sweeping Chimneys. You will find all sorts of ideas for games to keep your little ones amused!

Now Mommy Has a Headache is my kind of woman. Read her post Ahoy There Matey! on how to throw a kids birthday party without having a nervous breakdown (hopefully.) Also, I know strictly speaking that this poem hasn't anything to do with the theme of my carnival - MHAH didn't ask to submit it either - but I read this poem on her blog and it is so bloody brilliant that I'm just going to have to include a link to it here. Do yourselves a favour and read THIS. I'm going to give it to my daughter to read when she comes of age.

Next up is Tiddlyompompom with her post: Tiddlyompompom thinks it's time to change her ways. Read this post for some refreshing role reversal.

Frugal Family next with her post about swapping her child with someone elses in the supermarket (Ha! says a smug Gappy - at least I've never done that. Ahem... I think...) Read What's the Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Done as a Parent here.

Then we have TattieWeasle and Mummy are you a Saint (or why I will never be canonised) All I can say is Hahahahahahahaha! If all else fails, threaten them with dog poo.

The next post is a more serious one - This Parenting Lark isn't too Easy from Mummy From the Heart. It certainly isn't. I found this post so touching. What a hard time we give ourselves for not being perfect.

Next up is Babyrambles with her post If Supernanny Spent the Day in my House. If Supernanny spent the day in my house she'd be needing her smelling salts and a stiff gin before we'd even got so far as to set the table for lunch.

A Muse Inner Me next. Her post, Creme de la Creme aka Bad Mummy Moments comes complete with photographic evidence of what can happen when you leave a toddler alone with a full pot of sudocreme (clue: it's very funny as long as it's not happening to you.)

Then we have Alex Late Enough with her post My Day in Bullets and it's Not Over Yet. A crappy day condensed into bullet point form. Genius. Next time I have a crappy day, I'm going to try that.

Bare Naked Mummy next with a post that had me nodding vigorously in agreement: I'm Not an Alpha-Mummy and I Don't Care. Amen to that sister.

The next post is from Pants With Names. It's actually from her Brits In Bosnia archives and is entitled A Mistress of Spin. The post skillfully shows how what sort of mother you are perceived to be can be "all in the presentation." Tsk. These so called uber mummys - all style over substance you know.

Typecast is next with her post Buzzing. This post was a valuable insight for me into what it might be like for a child to experience ADHD, which is something I know very little about.

Our penultimate post is from Rosie Scribble with her piece entitled A Bad Mummy Moment or Two. What is it about children and bookshops eh?

Last but definitely not least we have Musings of a Mother with her fantastic post How Many Council Workers Does it Take to Dig Out a Stupid Mummy? What can I say except read this post. It will make you laugh and laugh (and shake your head a bit) and then laugh some more. I do declare MOAM the winner of the Bad Mummy Moments Carnival with this legendary post. She is to wear a virtual tiara for the rest of the month and shall be receiving a special prize in the next week or two.

Anyway thanks again to everyone who has participated in the Bad Mummy Moments Carnival. I have laughed and I have cried, and now I think that I'd better go and tackle my laundry mountain so that my children might actually have some clean clothes to wear tomorrow. xxx


  1. I can't wait to read all these posts, thanks so much for including me x

  2. I love reading about other peoples bad mummy moments, makes me feel more normal. Thanks for including me!

  3. Fabulous carnival - bookmarked in my G-Reader for later this evening :) Thanks xx

  4. Well done for what looks like a fantastic carnival - I'mm off now with a cuppa and a biccie to see if anyone beats me to the Bad Mummy award lol x x

  5. Thank you so much for putting this all together -I'm taking a sneaky peak here in work. I can't wait to delve into the other posts and make myself feel somewhat better about my own. My virtual tiara is quite fetching don't you think?
    Thanks again Gappy x

  6. Fame at last - thank you!

  7. Ooh, thanks for including me! My OH is out this evening, so that's me sorted...

  8. I love reading about other people's moments as parents. It gives me a pat on the back to say I'm not as bad as I sometimes think after all and in fact I'm pretty much doing the same as everyone else.

    Thanks for including mine.

  9. This looks brilliant - will return and have a good old read later. I didn't make it - "things" got in the way. Mostly because of bad mummying.

  10. What a lovely carnival - looks like we are all suitably terrible parents :-)

    Thanks for including me x x

  11. Thanks so much for this! I have just spent the last hour laughing myself blue

    Thanks for including me too - My Ode To A Tampon is a must read for every daughter nearing puberty

  12. I look forward to reading these posts....sorry I ran out of time to attempt to do one.

  13. Thank you for including me - going to read them all now...

  14. This is excellent. Thanks so much for putting it all together. Will now sit down and read.

  15. Oh thank you! Now I will have a great time reading everyone's and feeling that maybe, just maybe I am not as bad as I think I am with this parenting lark!

  16. Thanks for putting this together. When I am back form my weekend away, I will have a good read. Mich x

  17. Awesome! Hoping it's going to allay some of my current paranoia on same subject....

  18. MOAM's post was hilarious.

    Thanks for posting all of them though! (I thought it was only going to be the winner. I WIN. EVEN THOUGH I DIDN'T WIN AT ALL! YAY!)

  19. Thanks for posting this. And including me... You've really thought about how you introduce everybody which means, unusually for a carnival, I really want to read each post. There goes my evening...

  20. Thanks so much for the hard work you put into this. The introductions made me want to read every single one of them, so unusual for a carnival. Which I will be doing... There goes my evening...

    Thanks, also, for featuring me...

  21. Looks like my lunch break will be well and truly filled today. Great stuff :0)

  22. what a great collection, I look forward to reading them all, thank you for including me

  23. Thanks so much for doing this and including me! I'll be reading these all soon I promise :)