Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yippee, Yahoo, and Cockadoodledoo

Just in case the clue was in fact not in the title, this is just a short post to say how incredibly excited and indeed honoured I am to have been nominated for not just one, but two MAD blogger awards - Best New Blog and Best Writer. Seriously, I really am genuinely thrilled so thank you very very much to whoever nominated me (the cheque's in the post.)

I am not even going to attempt to feign nonchalance at having received such a lovely compliment. I suppose if I tried very hard I might be able to trot out some worthy post about blogging not being a competition and about how these sorts of awards tend to get mired down in nepotism and sour grapes, but (whilst these things may be true) I'm not gunna because I'm far too busy dancing a little celebratory jig around my office.

Soooo... if anyone feels like chucking another vote or two my way that would be... ahem... you know... wonderful. The prizes are ever so good you know and I could do with a laptop. Imagine - being able to blog from the comfort of my own bed. Oh the joy.

Anyway before I get too carried away I'm going. I'll take my big fat head with me, but before I do, I'd just really like to say - seriously - thanks again.



  1. You're welcome! Glad it made your day. You deserve the nominations and I really hope you are shortlisted. :-)

  2. Funny. Dance the jig. You sound happy.

  3. Well deserved...
    *clap clap clap clap*

  4. Noble Savage, You mean it was you!!! Oh my gosh I feel a bit overwhelmed - I admire yourwriting so much. Thank you, that's just made my day all over again.

    Notes to Self Plus Two, Thank you too, and well done yourself on some very much deserved nominations! It is so nice to see the people you enjoy reading getting some recognition. Are you pleased? Is that a silly question?

    Technobabe, It's now first thing the next morning and if truth be told I'm far too sleepy still to be dancing, but I am definitely still rather chuffed. Thank you xxx

    Eternally Distracted, Thank you so much for such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. xxx

  5. Well done, v well deserved. I will go and vote for you now. xx

  6. Notwavingbutironing, Why thank you kind lady. I see you have some very well deserved nominations yourself. I think the funniest blog prize has your name written all over it.

  7. Tis always gratifying to receive an accolade or two..!

  8. Brilliant! You definitely deserve this. Your blog is tops. xx

  9. Thank yous all very much Spilt Milk, Steve and Flo. Am really excited.