Saturday, 3 April 2010

Go Team Katie...

Before you say anything, no I can't believe I'm posting this either. But I don't care what anyone says about Katie Price - I like her. She's a survivor and a battler and you just can't keep the woman down. She's got balls which is more than can be said for that snivelling ex husband of hers.

I can't bear him and his public pity party. His 'poor me all I care about is being a good daddy' act (whilst he simultaneously implies constantly through the worlds media that the mother of his children is unfit and a slut to boot) makes me want to chuck. He has done everything he can to publicly shame his ex-wife and destroy her reputation whilst still managing to cling on to the moral high ground by playing the victim, and I personally fail to understand how he can square his professed commitment to putting the needs of his children first with his active collusion in the medias bashing of their mother.

Price on the other hand has always deliberately courted the media - she is a canny woman who understands well the symbiotic relationship enjoyed by the press and so called celebrities - and who tries to exploit that relationship to her advantage. But she has never pretended otherwise. There is nothing coy or disingenuous about Price, she knows full well that the press attention is her bread and butter and she makes no apologies for that. Peter Andre however is supposedly a musician. A musician who used the pain of his recent divorce to promote his latest album.

I personally think that it is specifically Prices refusal to hide and act as though she is ashamed that makes her so unpopular. If she was photographed mascara streaked and blubbing and issued a press release stating that she was suffering from 'exhaustion' and was booking herself in for a stint at the Priory, she would probably find herself soaring in the popularity stakes. The media does love a broken woman after all. But instead she has kept her nose in the air and remarried a man whom she is routinely accused of using and exploiting, despite the fact that he clearly needs her in order to establish his own 'celebrity career' far more than she needs anything from him.

Price is no doubt aware that she's made some mistakes and poor choices in her life (haven't we all), but instead of curling up into a ball and disappearing into a bottomless pit of self-loathing she holds her head up high and keeps walking - and in doing so gives a metaphorical two fingered salute to a salivating misogynist media and its rubber necking consumers - and that is precisely the reason I like her.


Go on, tell me I'm talking bollocks. You know you wanna....


  1. I don't know who these people are (I'm pretty out of it, I know), but I respect your ability to make societal commentary about famous figures. I love that. When I'm in the know, I do it, too.

  2. I didn't know who this was so I googled her. We don't watch any TV and have little knowledge of the new celebrities these days. But I like your blog and if you think she is getting a bad deal then I believe it. I hope your weekend has been great though.

  3. Sorry Technobabe and Jana, I guess this post is only really going to make sense to British readers.

    I will make a note to myself for the future - don't write posts about people that half your readers won't have heard of!

  4. Oooh I love a good Jordan-vs-peter debate! Having watched every episode of Jordan and Peter The Next Chapter (*She hangs her head in shame*) I'm afraid I'm going to have to side with Team Andre. I totally agree Jordan is one shrewd business woman, she is a brand and she works hard at preserving her name in the headlines because that's what pays her bills at the end of the day. But I have a big issue with someone who can be so callous as to live her life being a media whore; staging marriages, possibly even pregnancies just to make headlines. Events that should be key moments of a persons' life are done whimsically with an 'Ok Magazine' Photo Rights in mind. Fine if she wants to live her life through the tabloids but her kids didn't choose that lifestyle. I think she will be a sad and lonely old lady.
    Now to balance my argument I do think Peter is probably milking it a bit but I can't help but think he seems like a genuinely nice guy.
    Big congrats on the Mads by the way, you totally deserved it!

  5. Ah you see I didn't watch any of The Next Chapter. My judgement has simply come from seeing I'm a celebrity get me out of here (love it, now it's my turn to hang my head in shame) and seeing the tabloid headlines. Perhaps I may have formed a different point of view had I seen her own personal reality show. Can't agree on Peter coming across as a nice guy though. I just think he seems soooo manipulative.

    Thanks for MADS congrats!

  6. I saw Peter Andre on the cover of some magazine recently (OK, Hello, or something like that - I don't buy them, just read the covers!), and I had to say I thought he looked really wet. I can't bear it when 'celebrities' divorce and then whine on about it. So, does the world owe you a favour Peter?

    Anyway, I agree, I think Katie Price is very shrewd. She goes after what she wants and she is a very good media manipulator. Her early career could have been viewed by many as exploitation by the media, but she's using that media interest to her advantage and is now exploiting them. Good for her.

  7. I've commented before on this, yes he makes my skin crawl with his creepiness and Katie is shrewd and knows exactly what she is doing. I certainly admire her more than I do him. I've always been an advocate of hers opinion changed slightly after her latest marriage. In fact I wrote about it once on my blog.
    Must admit I don't keep up with anything nowdays...I used to read Closer avidly but now feel I'm out of 'the loop' ;0)

  8. It's easy for me to be even handed in this because I like neither of them. I think they have both behaved abhorrently but this would be fine if it was only each other's lives they were "circusing" around... alas it is the kids i feel most sorry for. The only thing I feel sorry for KP for is the fact that deep down I think she genuinely loved Pete but had an inability to show it. The few times I saw them on TV together she was cold, sneering and offhand towards him. I think only at the end did she realize how much the relationshio meant to her. But what do I know?

  9. I'll give her credit for media savvy, but not much else. However, media savvy is essential to success in our infotainment/celebrity obsessed culture. Often replaces any actual talent. Harsh? Yes, but seriously, beyond being able to get press, Price doesn't have much to offer.

    I'm going to get in trouble now, aren't I?

  10. Ishtar, Thanks for your comment. I agree with what you say. She is much braver than he is in my opinion.

    Nova, Will you leave a link to your post on it? Would love to read it.

    Steve, Yes I agree - it is shocking to see their children passed over as collateral damage in the whole sorry mess - but again, I think she is far less publicly critical of him than he is of her. In every interview I've heard of hers she has said how desperately she wants to try to get on for the sake of their kids, but it is him that won't communicate with her.

    A Free Man, Of course you're not going to get into trouble! I invited you to come and leave your opinion and I appreciate you doing so. What's more I'm sure the majority would probably agree with you...