Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Poem

Simple and beautiful... but also powerful. It is by a woman called Grace Nichols, and is called 'Because she has come.' I don't know if this is the whole poem or just an extract:

Because she has borne five children
And her belly is criss-crossed
With little tongues of fire...

Give her honour
Give her honour, you fools,
Give her honour


  1. Wonderful. I shall Google her when my brain reboots, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks for lovely comment, perked me up. Bad day here. More puking. Euurrggghhhh. Will email you with happier tales. No more puke talk. I promise.

    MD xx

  2. The signs of life after pregnancy are there forever on our bodies. Awards. Medals of Accomplishment. I do so like "Give her honour"!! Yes.