Monday, 22 March 2010

Happiness MeMe

I have been tagged by the marvellous Modern Dilemma. If you haven't checked out her blog yet, then you should, because she's really good and I like her. She eats biscuits called de-stroppers (well, they're almost called that) and that's my kinda woman. Since beginning this post I have also discovered that the very lovely Last of the Mojitos has tagged me with the exact same meme. Who'd have thought? I would urge you to check out her blog aswell as she is also dead good, and I like her lots too. She and I share a dislike of people who sit in the over-taking lane on the motorway. That alone is good enough for me.

Anyway they have challenged me to list ten things that make me happy. TEN. And not just things that make me generally happy either. Ten things that made me happy today. I have spent ages agonising over this, and have come to the only conclusion possible - that I am a miserable fucker. I am however a miserable fucker who is usually up for a challenge, so I'm off to find me a barrel or two to scrape, and I shall be back soon....

Right, here goes. Today I enjoyed:

1. Listening and singing along to loud music in my car. Specifically (hangs head in shame) Lady Gaga and Beyonces one, you know... 'tonight I'm not takin no calls cos I'll be dancin'... Yep, my blog's anonymous for a reason, see?

2. Complaining. When I'm not working for Naked Boss, I work for Womens Aid. You might have thought that being as my colleagues and I work for a feminist organisation, we would transcend all the stereotypical notions of what large groups of women working together might be like. Well you would be wrong. We bitched and whined and gossiped our way through yet another stressful day with the utmost gusto. It was great.

3. Wild red salmon and cucumber sandwiches from M&S. Yum. This makes me sound an awful lot posher than I actually am by the way.

4. Mr S taking all the children, including the one that isn't his, out swimming and then onto a cafe for dinner afterwards. And not bringing them back until bedtime. I realise this may sound callous, but a woman needs a bit of time to herself you know?

5. Publishing interesting and engaging comments from bloggers that I respect as being really very good, on my last post (and of course on other posts too.) Yippee. It's nice when the people whose stuff you like seem to like your stuff too.

6. Knowing that my hair is clean, and that I do not have to wash it either tonight or in the morning. I realise this may seem like I am taking the concept of barrel scraping to a whole new level but I really hate washing my hair, and the knowledge that I don't have to do it for another a day or so is always a cause for celebration.

7. Spring being almost here. I know everyone's said this - but a glimpse of sunshine and daffodils really does improve ones mood.

8. O.k. I really am running out of steam now. What to write, what to write..... (Gappy stares wild eyed around the 'office' in vague hopes of some inspiration...) Ha! I know! Looking at my stats and seeing that I have a reader from Wichita, Kansas. Wichita may just be the most fabulous sound that a mouth can make, plus I love that Glen Campbell song and it starts on a pleasant loop inside my head whenever I see the Wichita reader in my visitor paths. Hmm. Now I am all: perhaps I have far too much time on my hands, but whatever. Reader from Wichita - you make my day.

9. The fact that the Easter holidays are fast approaching - I am looking forward to nearly three weeks break from the old routine and to visiting friends and making merry.

10. O.k. When my kids came back from the swimming pool and the cafe. It was past The Youngests bedtime and she was half asleep in her dads arms, but when she saw me she smiled, reached out for me and said 'Mumeeeeeeee'. Middle Son leapt into my arms and hugged my neck. Even The Eldest - who is far too within sniffing distance of becoming a teenager for such ebullient displays of affection - sidled up to me and happily submitted to a ruffle of the hair and a kiss hello on the forehead. I took The Youngest straight up to bed, put her in her pyjamas and tucked her up with her favourite toy fluffy cat. She lay with her beautiful curls splayed out over the pillow and her 'Catty' in her arms, her eyes involuntarily closing despite her best efforts to keep them open. I looked at the perfect skin on her cheek and kissed it good night. Sleepily, almost imperceptibly then she said, 'Meeow'.

Sometimes my cup really does runneth over after all.

So with this I now tag:


  1. Thanks for the tag. I shall get onto it as the perfect excuse for packing avoidance. Far more interesting I feel!

  2. What a great post. You're funny. (I have recently been taken by pop music. I like Beyonce's "Single Ladies.") I saw MD's post about things that make her happy in one day and I was like, woah, that's hard.

    And now I have to do it!

    It's a good exercise, though. Very good.

  3. I love number 10 especially, awwwww.
    This is going to be a hard one! Thanks for the tag

  4. Oh gosh, I love dancing and singing along to loud music. It makes it feel like scouring the tub is not really a chore at all. And of course I nick my teenager's iPod because the music is a lot better for dancing and singing along, much better than Charlie Parker or Miles Davis, for instance.

  5. I'm so behind with reading & commenting!! Sorry, lovely. Thank you for the lovely mention, you are a sweetheart and this list reminds me of what a fab girl you are and why I love coming by here to read your musings.

    Love number 10. You created the perfect picture in my mind of your little ones, especially the wee girl with her curls splayed out.

    MD xx

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments all. Much appreciated. x